West Berkeley

About this group

Neighborly discussions about life in the West Berkeley neighborhood of Berkeley, California.

Examples of good uses of this group:

  • Mention a beautiful thing you saw in the park.
  • Talk about an interesting new restaurant.
  • Recommend a particularly enjoyable bike path.
  • Ask for assistance with a community garden.
  • Tactfully, tastefully, and honestly advertise your own business or service as it specifically relates to this neighborhood. (For example, if you open up a new bookstore in West Berkeley, and you want us to know about it.)
  • Talk constructively about things in our neighborhood that can use improvement.

Some basic ground rules:

  • Be neighborly (Characteristic of a good neighbor, esp. helpful, or kind.)
  • Be constructive.
  • Be honest. For example, if you're discussing something in which you have a commercial interest, state that clearly at the outset.
  • Enjoy!

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